Found a bug in iPill 2.2

The last version of iPill, the 2.2, is affected by a bug that make the app crash when started.
It seems to affect just 5 users at the moment (including myself) and, thanks to the fact that I’ve been able to actually see the bug, I’ve already solved the problem.
iPill version 2.2.1 has already been sent to Apple for review and will be available in a few days. In the meantime, if you are unable to start iPill, try these steps:

  • force-close iPill (double click the Home button and slide up the iPill window)
  • find iPill in your device’s Settings -> Notification Center and deactivate all notifications
  • launch iPill (it should open now)
  • reactivate the notifications (don’t forget it, otherwise you’ll not receive your medicine’s reminders)

As usual, I’m available via email directly from iPill, via the Contact page on this web site and via the chat widget found at the bottom-right of the home page of this site.

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