mySOS, a revolutionary App for your security

Has been approved today mySOS, a revolutionary personal security App.

Each time you feel yourself in danger the only thing you need to do is activate mySOS. It will automatically* send an SMS and/or an email and a push notification to the chosen people. If the receiver owns a copy of mySOS, he/she can monitor the position of the user that activated the alarm, in real time.
The “security protocol” we’ve set up requires that each user chooses a keyword, that will be sent to the receivers during the alarm.
When the receivers (friends, family, etc.) call the user after getting an alarm, the user should tell them the keyword so they know it’s all right.
Imagine the case when the user who activated the alarm is forced to answer the call and say that’s all right. Then the receivers will know that the user is in a situation because he/she didn’t say his/her keyword.

mySOS works in background, so once the alarm has been activated, you can exit the app and put your phone to “sleep”, and it will continue sending your position to your receivers.

If you often travel abroad, mySOS offers an “Emergency” tab where you’ll find three buttons to call the Police, Ambulance and Fire Dpt. without having to look for those numbers, mySOS will set them for you, based on your GPS position.
Three other buttons are completely customizable and, in the same screen, you’ll get your exact address.

mySOS is the first App of its kind to operate in the background and that doesn’t require the payment of any subscription: pay once and use it forever.

mySOS it’s one App we hope you’ll never have to use, but we think it’s better having it ready and not to use it, than to need it and not to have it.

mySOS is available in the App Store for $2.99


* Apple doesn’t allow sending SMS or emails without the user consent. For this reason, if you choose to send SMS and/or emails when the alarm is activated, you’ll have to press the “Send” button for each SMS or email you’re sending.
By the way, as soon as the alarm button is pressed, the push notification will be sent and the GPS will start updating its position.
mySOS requires an Internet connection to work properly and at least one other person (the receiver) with an installed copy of the App.