iPill 2.3.2 is coming

In a few days iPill version 2.3.2 will be available on the App Store with some new features.

Beside having solved some little problems, and by popular demand, I’ve added the possibility to protect iPill with a PIN code. This feature is coming with the next version to all the “Pro” users.

PIN screenshot

Another demanded feature was the possibility to view all the past programmed medicines.
I’ve added the page Historic to the menu, from where it’s possible to check all the past AND future programmed medicines. This feature is coming in the next version for all the users.

Historic screenshot


As always, your comments and suggestions are welcome. If you have any, please contact me via the contact form or chat on this web site, via Twitter (@Aleph72), or via email from the App itself.

Translators needed

I’m looking for translators to make iPill available in more languages.
The job is very easy so you don’t need to be a professional, moreover I can’t afford to pay translators right now, so those willing to help will simply receive a free iPill Pro account and all my gratitude.

Right now iPill is translated in Italian, English, Spanish and French.
I’m looking for any native speaker for any language, especially:

  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Russian
  • German
  • Arabic

If you want to help, please contact me using the Contact page on the top of this site.

Found a bug in iPill 2.2

The last version of iPill, the 2.2, is affected by a bug that make the app crash when started.
It seems to affect just 5 users at the moment (including myself) and, thanks to the fact that I’ve been able to actually see the bug, I’ve already solved the problem.
iPill version 2.2.1 has already been sent to Apple for review and will be available in a few days. In the meantime, if you are unable to start iPill, try these steps:

  • force-close iPill (double click the Home button and slide up the iPill window)
  • find iPill in your device’s Settings -> Notification Center and deactivate all notifications
  • launch iPill (it should open now)
  • reactivate the notifications (don’t forget it, otherwise you’ll not receive your medicine’s reminders)

As usual, I’m available via email directly from iPill, via the Contact page on this web site and via the chat widget found at the bottom-right of the home page of this site.

New features in iPill 2.2

iPill version 2.2 is waiting for review from Apple.

Besides the fixing of few bugs, we’ve introduced these new features:

  • selecting a user now directly brings back to the home screen;
  • with a 2 seconds touch on the user image in the home screen, it’s possible to directly choose the user;
  • with a double touch on the same user image it’s now possible to see the schedule for all the users.

As always, for any problem with iPill, you can contact us directly from within the app, or on this website using the Contact page or the chat button on the lower right of the home page.

iPill v. 2 is out

iPRetina80iPill v. 2 is finally available for download in the App Store.

This version has been completely rewritten and it’s now a FREE App!
With an In-App-Purchase you can now buy the Pro version with the following added features:

  • Data backup/restore: with iPill 2 Pro you can now backup all your data in our cloud and restore it on other devices to keep them synchronized;
  • Notification sounds: it’s now possible to choose the notification sound for your iPill reminders;
  • Voice prompt: iPill will read your next medicine;
  • Multi-User: you can now add other users to iPill and manage all of them from a single App.



Sending crash logs to Apple

When an App crashes on your device a detailed log is saved.
If you’ve set the device to send the logs to Apple, then everyday all the logs received will be transmitted to their respective developers.

When an App receives an important number of crash logs, then the logs will be visible and downloadable by the developer.
If you’ve chosen not to send the logs, then there is no way for the developer to detect and eliminate the bugs, unless you’ll contact with him directly via email.


iPill is receiving some negative reviews by some users because it apparently crashes on their devices, but I can’t see any crash log yet and that means either the number of crashes is too small compared to the number of installed copies, or nobody sends its crash logs to Apple.
So, if your copy of iPill crashes, please contact me via email and I’ll try to solve the problem.

Thank you.